Clinically Proven: Vacuum Technology Significantly Reduces Lancing Pain

Top 3 Findings From a Fully Validated Clinical Study

  • 100 % of the study population reported a reduction in pain when using Genteel® compared to traditional lancing devices.

  • More than 75 % felt either a significant pain reduction or the complete elimination of pain.

1. Reduction & Elimination of Pain

  • 77.27% of subjects preferred a place other than their fingers to
    draw blood, inspiring and encouraging them to test more frequently.

  • Overall, there was a 44 % increase in blood glucose
    monitoring adherence while using Genteel® over conventional
    lancing devices.

2. Improved Diabetes Management 

  • Genteel improved the HbA1c of patients by a statistically significant average of 0.73% (Drugs like metformin reduce A1C by an average of 0.55% to 1.12% for people with type 2 diabetes).

  • There was a reduction in HbA1c values when using other lancing devices as well; however, there was 0.32% more of a reduction in HbA1c when using Genteel.

3. Better Health Outcomes

And Experience the Difference


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